A Concise Guide to Cast Iron Kitchen Sinks

A cast iron sink lends a classic, almost timeless look to any kitchen, giving it a traditional and practical ambience.

Cast iron offers outstanding durability, so if you buy a cast iron sink, it might be the last kitchen sink you ever need. Sink enamel is available in a wider range of colors than ever before, though white continues to be very popular. You’ve got good options for size and style too.

Cast Iron Sink Guides

This comprehensive set of guides will make your buying decision easier. We’ve created similar sets for other top materials including stainless steel, copper, porcelain and granite composite. Comparing sink materials head to head is easy and interesting using the guides.

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Cast Iron Sinks Pinterest Page

When you’re looking for inspiration for your kitchen project, our popular Pinterest pages are perfect! The colorful cast iron sinks Pinterest page is full of beautiful ideas you can put to use in your kitchen design.

  • Cast iron drainboard
  • farm sinks | ... Riv
  • Popular in the early
  • Great spot for a bow
  • potting shed sink ~~
  • Antique white porcel
  • Antique Cast Iron Fa
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Finding a Cast Iron Sink Installer or General Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

We can help you locate a qualified contractor for a simple sink installation or a full kitchen remodeling project. Select the Free Estimate offer, and fill out a quick, no-hassle form. When you do, you’ll receive written estimates from three of the top kitchen contractors where you live. The service is free to use, and there is no obligation to accept any of the estimates you receive.