A Concise Guide to Corner Kitchen Sinks

A corner kitchen sink creates visual interest while making the most of the usable space. You’ve got two great options for corner sink cabinets in the kitchen, and the one you select will determine the type of corner kitchen sink you install.

  • A cabinet with a 90-degree face corner
  • A cabinet with a 45-degree face corner

90-degree corner kitchen sinks typically have two sink bowls that meet at a 90-degree angle. The fronts of the two bowls run parallel to the angled corner of the cabinet.

45-degree corner kitchen sinks are designed with one, two or three bowls. The front of the sink runs parallel to the 45-degree angle of the cabinet. The back of the sink is typically wider than the front, since the sink conforms to the angle.

In both types, the faucet location varies based on the design of the sink.

Throughout the corner kitchen sink guides, we refer to the sinks separately only when the distinction in style is important to the topic under discussion.

Note: If you choose a 45-degree sink cabinet that is deep and wide enough, then a standard kitchen sink can be installed in it. See our other guides that cover standard kitchen sinks for complete information.

Corner Kitchen Sink Guides

Our comprehensive guides inform readers to make an educated decision about their sink, one they’ll continue to be happy with going forward.

  • The Corner Kitchen Sink Buying Guide is a good place to start since it features pros & cons of corner sinks, prices, top corner sink brands and more.
  • The Corner Kitchen Sink Installation Guide provides information you can use to do the job yourself or to discuss the process with your kitchen remodeling pro or sink installer, with tips for hiring the right person.
  • The Corner Kitchen Sink Price Guide gives a comprehensive overview of sinks prices, costs for installation and repair and how to save money on a fantastic corner sink for your kitchen.
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Finding a Corner Kitchen Sink Installer or General Kitchen Remodeler

Whether you are only replacing the sink or would like to completely renovate your kitchen, we can connect you to screened, qualified contractors where you live. The service we provide is free, and there is no obligation. Fill out one form, and you’ll receive written estimates from three local contractors who will compete to get the job.