Concise Guide to Kitchen Double Sinks

Double sinks give you a place to soak baking dishes, place a drying rack or let a colander of vegetables drain while keeping the other sink bowl free for ongoing use.

The double sink or two-bowl sink remains very popular in kitchen remodeling projects. The selection is excellent in terms of style, size, features and material, so several models will likely catch your eye as you browse what’s available.

Double Sink Guides

We’ve created comprehensive sets of guides for single, double and triple sinks, so you’ll find it easy to compare them head to head.

  • The Double Sink Buying Guide is a good starting point because it includes double sink prices, pros & cons, the top double sink brands and more
  • The Double Sink Installation Guide is a how-to guide for DIY sink installation or can be used to help you hire a professional installer.
  • The Double Sink Price Guide is your one-stop source for the cost of stainless steel, copper, cast iron and other types of sinks. Removal, installation and repair costs are included.
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Double Sink Pinterest Page

Our popular Pinterest pages provide pictures, design inspiration and valuable information. Our double sink Pinterest page will help you decide on the sink style for the kitchen you’re planning.

  • Stunning encore glac
  • Ikea sink DOMSJÖ Dou
  • 42" Sunflower 60/40
  • perhaps my most favo
  • I would love an indu
  • Blanco SILGRANIT Pre
  • Undermount Kitchen S
  • Super bathroom with
  • Under mounted, brush
  • gorgeous kitchen sin
  • Skye Gyngell kitchen
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Finding a Kitchen Double Sink Installer or General Kitchen Contractor

How do you sort through dozens of kitchen remodelers to find the right one for your job? We can help with a free, no-obligation service. Use the quick, convenient form to provide a little bit of information. You’ll receive written estimates from three screened and qualified contractors where you live that know they must supply competitive bids for you to consider them for your remodeling job.