A Concise Guide to Single Sinks

A single sink give you ample room to get work done, and that’s the number one reason they remain a popular choice in kitchen remodeling. Large tasks like washing a roasting pan are so much easier in a generously sized single sink than in a double sink. With a few accessories such as a dishpan, drying rack or colander, multi-tasking is certainly an option too.

Single Sink Guides

Our goal is to give you information that allows you to choose a sink you enjoy using and one that blends with your total kitchen design. To that end, we’ve created comprehensive kitchen sink guides for single, double and triple sinks as well as styles of sinks like farmhouse and corner, topmount and undermount. This page introduces our kitchen single sink guides:

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Kitchen Single Sink Pinterest Page

This is one of our popular Pinterest pages with pictures and links that inspire and inform as you look for ideas about which sink is the perfect fit for your kitchen.

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Finding a Kitchen Single Sink Installer or General Kitchen Contractor

Whether you’ve got a job that’s small or large, we can put you in touch with the top installers and kitchen remodeling pros where you live. When you fill out one simple form, you’ll receive written estimates from three of the best kitchen contractors in your area. These screened, experienced remodelers know that they’re competing for the work, so they provide their best estimates. There is no cost to you for the estimates, and absolutely no obligation.