Kitchen Backsplash Buying Guide

The best backsplashes combine beauty that complements your kitchen design with utility that protects your walls from stains. We provide a wealth of information here, so that you can make an informed decision about the backsplashes you select for your remodeled kitchen – a decision you’ll continue to be happy with in the years ahead.

kitchen backsplash

Reasons to Update Kitchen Backsplashes When Remodeling

Here are a handful of reasons to make a change in your backsplashes when replacing counters or cabinets in your kitchen.

  • You’re completely remodeling your kitchen: When you start from scratch, everything goes right down to the studs.
  • Your current backsplash doesn’t fit the new design: Laminate backsplashes from the 1990s just don’t look good with dazzling quartz or rich soapstone countertops. You get the picture!
  • Your kitchen layout is changing: When you’re re-allocating space in your kitchen, it’s nearly impossible to work in the old backsplash.
  • You aren’t in love with the backsplash: You probably spend many hours a week in the kitchen, so you might as well like the looks of what surrounds you!

Things to Consider When Choosing a Backsplash

Your answers to these questions will help you evaluate your backsplash options in light of your needs.

Do you love to cook? The more you’ve got pots bubbling on the stove, sauces blending in a mixing bowl and tasty things being sautéed on the cooktop, the more you need a tough, stain-resistant backsplash. You’ll appreciate materials such as stainless steel, glass, tin and tile. In addition, you might want to consider installing a backsplash that extends to the wall cabinets or above.

What style are you working in? In our individual backsplash guides, we discuss what design styles each one works with. It’s important that the backsplash complements the style the way, for instance, marble looks amazing in a traditional kitchen and glass tile is ideal for a contemporary kitchen.

Is selling your home an option? If your home might go on the market in the next five years or so, it makes financial sense to limit your expenditures where you can. High-end materials don’t have as high of a percentage return when a house is sold.

Are ecofriendly building materials a top priority? If so, consider glass, brick, stainless steel, tin or tile made from recycled material. These can all be recycled when replaced in the future.

Your Backsplash Choices

These are the top backsplash choices available, and we cover each one in our guides.

Finding a Backsplash Installer

You’ll locate both experienced installers and the best prices when you request written estimates from at least three contractors in your area. If you’d like assistance in getting written estimates, the service we provide is free, and there is no obligation. The contractors are pre-screened for quality and experience.

When you interview contractors, as them about their expertise in installing the type of backsplash you select. Most backsplash installers also install kitchen countertops, so it might make sense to get an estimate for that part of your kitchen remodeling work too.