Concise Guide for Glass Backsplash Prices & Costs

How much do glass backsplashes cost? This information covers glass backsplash prices for the material and for installation.

We’ve created price guides for other types of backsplashes too including tile, granite, stainless steel, onyx and more. They’re a great way to compare backsplash prices head to head. Our Kitchen Remodeling Cost Guide puts all the costs together for comprehensive remodeling costs for basic, moderate and expensive projects.

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The Cost of Removing Old Backsplashes

Tearing out old backsplashes is relatively cheap. Expect to pay $1 to $3 per square feet. Our Glass Backsplash Removal and Installation Guide gives instructions for how to remove the old backsplash, if you want to save money by doing it yourself.

Kitchen Glass Backsplashes Prices

The estimates you receive from backsplash contractors in your area should fall into this range:

  • Glass backsplash material cost: $20-$35 per square foot
  • Glass backsplash installation cost: $8-$15 per square foot

An Overview of Glass Backsplash Costs

The following table provides a quick overview of glass backsplash material, installation and removal cost. Costs are shown per square foot.

Table 1: Cost of Glass Backsplash: A Comparison at a Glance

Type of Backsplash Material Cost (sq. ft.) Installation Cost (sq. ft.) Removal Cost (sq. ft.) Total Cost (sq. ft.)
Glass Backsplash $20-$35 $8 to $15 $1 to $3 $28 to $50

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Factors Affecting the Cost of Glass Backsplashes

The prices vary based on features of the glass and other factors:

  • Tempered, heat-resistant, shock-resistant and shatterproof glass costs more
  • Smoked and frosted glass costs more
  • Thicker glass costs more
  • Coated glass costs more than plain glass, and the higher the quality of the coating, the more it will cost
  • The more cutting of the glass that is required for outlets, lighting, vents, angles and corners, the more the labor estimate will be
  • The less competition among dealers in your area, the higher the costs will be

To find the most experienced installers and competitive prices, it’s important to get estimates from several companies. The service we offer provides you with written estimates from pre-screened installers, and there is no cost or obligation to you for using the service.

Saving Money on Kitchen Glass Backsplashes

These tips will help you cut your costs for your backsplash.

  • Remove the old backsplash and dispose of it
  • Choose a simple design with fewer cuts for the area in which you’ll have the backsplash installed
  • Limit the size of your backsplash
  • Paint the wall a lovely color and use clear glass rather than having the glass coated
  • Get estimates from contractors that know they’re competing for your work

Glass Backsplash Pricing FAQ

This backsplash Q&A covers additional important information

Is hiring a handyman for glass backsplash installation worth the risk?

If the person does a great job, then it is. However, glass backsplash installation requires specialized skills and tools that most handymen don’t possess.

How much does just the glass coating cost?

Prices vary from $3 per square foot to as high as $10 per square foot. The quality of the coat, its thickness and how it is applied all affect the cost.

Are glass backsplashes recycled?

Most are not made with recycled glass. However, the glass used can be recycled later.

Do the same companies that supply windshield glass do glass backsplashes?

Yes, many of them have gotten into glass backsplashes, but it is still something of a specialty. That’s why it is important to discuss the work with several contractors to find those with good training and experience.

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