Guide for Glass Backsplash Repair

Glass panels are not easy to repair. Cracked panels are usually replaced. Chipped glass panels can be repaired with the type of products used to repair glass doors and windshields.

backsplash repair

Replacing a Glass Panel

Here is an overview of how a professional installer would tackle the job.

Step 1: Take care in removing the old panel. To do this, you’ll probably have to remove trim that has been installed to help secure the panel in place. It might also have a silicone bead or seal at the edge. Cut through silicone with a utility knife to free it.

Step 2: Next carefully measure the dimensions of the new panel needed. Measure where the center of outlet holes, light switch holes, holes for lighting wires and vent holes must be. Then, measure the exact size that of each opening. Measure the thickness of the glass too.

Step 3: Take your measurements to a reputable glass dealer in your area. You might also want to bring the broken glass panel along, so the glass retailer can match the type. Order the new panel with pre-cut openings for anything that will protrude through the glass.

Step 4: Wear gloves and have help to lift the new glass panel into place. Add a bead of silicone to close holes around vents or outlets where dirt, debris or an insect could get behind the glass.

Step 5: Add a thin bead of silicone to the seam where the glass meets the countertop, wall or ceiling to prevent moisture from getting trapped behind the glass.

Step 6: Re-install the trim.

If you’d prefer to leave the entire job to the professionals – from measuring to cutting to installing – glass dealers where you live will be glad to give you an estimate.

Repairing a Chip in the Glass

Small chips can be repaired with a glass filler kit located online or at a hardware or home improvement store. With most, you’re instructed to clean the glass thoroughly and rinse away any residue from the cleaner.

Then, a paste is made up of an epoxy material or glass resin and a hardening material in a 1:1 ratio. The mixture is applied to the chipped area with something like a popsicle stick or putty knife. Most harden quickly and cure very clear.

Your local glass dealer will also repair chips in glass backsplash panels. The advantage is that the technician will have professional equipment, products, training and experience. The repair will cost more than a cheap glass chip filler kit, but it will look much better too.

Note: Many car insurance companies cover the cost of repairing chips in car windshields without penalizing you. It’s worth contacting your agent to see if they’ll do the same for the glass in your backsplash!

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