Concise Guide for Tile Backsplash Maintenance and Care

Tile is easy and inexpensive to care for. Following these tile cleaning and maintenance tips will keep yours looking fantastic in the years ahead.

backsplash maintanence and care

Seal your Grout

This is the most important step in tile backsplash care. The installer should do this. If you install your own, talk with the tile retailer about the right grout sealer for your product. Also ask how often the grout should be sealed.

Most grout products require sealing every one to three years. It’s a small price to pay for keeping your backsplash in beautiful condition. Clean existing grout thoroughly each time before sealing it to ensure that the sealer adheres properly.

Daily Care of your Tile Backsplash

As you’ll see, there’s not much to it.

  • Wipe off food, juice and grease as soon as you see it
  • Use a damp paper towel or cloth for easy cleanups
  • Dried food should be sprayed with water or a tile cleaner to loosen it before it is wiped away
  • Use a cleaner made for the type of tile you have
  • Don’t use steel pads, harsh chemical cleaners or those with scrubbing agents

Tile Backsplash Maintenance and Care FAQ

This backsplash care Q&A answers important questions related maintaining tile backsplashes.

My grout has stains. What can I do?

Try a grout cleaner on the stain. It might clean so well that the grout will be brighter than the surrounding grout. If so, you’ll want to clean all the grout.

Some grout has become loose and fallen out. What should I do?

See our Tile Backsplash Repair Guide for complete instructions on replacing tile grout and matching grout colors.

Is porcelain easier to care for than ceramic tile?

No. Porcelain is a sub-group of ceramic tile. The two types are made much the same, and both are very easy to care for.

My tile has gotten cloudy. What’s wrong with it?

Most likely, you’re seeing soap residue. If you clean your tile with dish soap, for example, it will leave behind a cloudy film if not thoroughly rinsed. Try using a tile cleaner on the tile to remove the residue. Spray it on, leave it for two or three minutes, and then wipe it off.

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