Concise Guide for Tile Backsplash Prices & Costs

How much do tile backsplashes cost? Here’s information you can use to create your budget or to compare prices with other materials we cover in our kitchen backsplash guides.

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The Cost of Removing Old Backsplashes

The demolition side of the equation is quite inexpensive. Expect to pay $1 to $3 per square foot for removing the old material.

If you choose to do this work yourself, refer to our Tile Backsplash Removal and Installation Guide for clear instructions.

New Kitchen Tile Backsplash Prices

When you get kitchen backsplash estimates from local contractors, the costs should fall in this spectrum:

  • Kitchen backsplash material cost: $2 to $40 per square foot.

The price range takes into consideration a wide array of tile material.

  • Ceramic backsplash tile: $2-$12 per square foot
  • Porcelain backsplash tile: $4-$14 per square foot
  • Glass backsplash tile: $7-$25 per square foot
  • Stone backsplash tile: $10-$40 per square foot
  • Brick backsplash tile: $6-$18 per square foot
  • Kitchen backsplash labor cost: $5 to $15 per square foot, more when a custom tile mosaic design is being created.

An Overview of Tile Backsplash Costs

The following table provides a quick overview of tile backsplash materials, installation and removal cost. Costs are shown per square foot.

Table 1: Cost of Tile Backsplash: A Comparison at a Glance

Type of Backsplash Material Cost (sq. ft.) Installation Cost (sq. ft.) Removal Cost (sq. ft.) Total Cost (sq. ft.)
Ceramic Backsplash Tile $2-$12 $5 to $15 $1 to $3 $28 to $50
Porcelain Backsplash Tile $4-$14 $5 to $15 $1 to $3 $10 to $32
Glass Backsplash Tile $7-$25 $5 to $15 $1 to $3 $14 to $43
Stone Backsplash Tile $10-$40 $5 to $15 $1 to $3 $16 to $58
Brick Backsplash Tile $6-$18 $5 to $15 $1 to $3 $12 to $36

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Factors Affecting the Cost of Tile Backsplashes

The reasons for the variance in both material and labor costs include:

  • The good/better/best grades for most materials
  • Product line changes resulting in clearance and discount prices for some tile
  • The more complex the work is (outlets, windows, cabinets, creating a design), the higher the labor cost will be
  • Labor costs vary with handymen being the cheapest and tile contractors supplied by a general contractor being the most costly
  • The cost of living in your area
  • The level of competition among tile pros where you live

We suggest getting estimates from several tile contractors. The service we offer uses only pre-screened tile contractors where you live, so you’ll receive competitive estimates from local experts.

Saving Money on Kitchen Tile Backsplashes

These tips will help you reduce your costs and get a backsplash you’ll be very pleased with.

  • Remove the old backsplash and dispose of it yourself.
  • Take a look at discount tile. There might be something there you fall in love with.
  • Choose a simple design rather than something complex
  • Limit the size of your backsplash
  • Choose ceramic tile (available in hundreds of great styles and colors) rather than an expensive material
  • Get estimates from multiple tile contractors that know they’re competing for the job

Backsplash Pricing FAQ

These kitchen backsplash pricing Q&A covers important aspects of cost.

Is hiring a handyman for tile installation a good idea?

Only if the person has extensive experience installing tile kitchen backsplashes. You tend to get what you pay for with tile installation. Get references, and check them before hiring anyone.

Why do tile contractors charge more than handymen?

They charge for their expertise. People are willing to pay more to get a professional-looking job. Secondly, most tile pros are licensed and insured, and those can be expensive. However, they also offer you protection if something goes wrong on the job.

How can I get the lowest estimates on backsplash tile installation?

Get estimates from three or more companies that know they’re competing for the work. This gives you the opportunity to check on both their experience and prices. The service we offer allows you to do this without any cost or obligation.

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