Kitchen Cabinets Install, Remodel, Reface & Replacement Section

Many designers suggest that you start with the cabinets a you create your ideal kitchen.

Kitchen cabinets are a main focal point because of the large amount of vertical and horizontal space they inhabit. They are the component against which the countertops, backsplash, wall color and flooring will be considered a good fit or not by those who visit your kitchen.

This page is your gateway to our kitchen cabinet guides covering every aspect of selecting and installing the product you choose.

  • The Cabinet Remodeling Guide is our most comprehensive guide. It is a buying guide with information on cabinet styles, shapes, sizes, materials, wear, durability and more. You’ll find cabinet pros & cons, a brief price overview of cabinets and information on options including refinishing existing cabinets.
  • Our Cabinet Replacement and Installation Guide covers the details of selecting your new kitchen cabinets and getting them hung in your kitchen. DIY kitchen cabinet installation is discussed including some how-to tips that will help you do it yourself or talk about the project with a kitchen remodeling contractor.
  • The Cabinet Refinishing Guide will help you decide if refinishing the existing wood is an option. The process of refinishing is discussed, with tips for doing it yourself and for hiring the right contractor.
  • The Cabinet Refacing Guide discusses covering the existing facing with a fresh veneer, a process significantly more affordable than replacing the cabinetry.
  • Our Cabinet Repair Guide looks at putting your existing cabinets back into good working condition and changing the hardware to go with other updates you’re making. Cost, labor and the DIY potential are all included in the information.
  • The Cabinet Replacement Costs Guide covers the essentials or removing your old cabinets and installing new cabinetry. New cabinet prices, the possibility of DIY installation, cost for installation, factors affecting kitchen cabinet prices and additional FAQs are included.
  • The Cabinet Refinishing Costs Guide looks at the specifics of the price you’ll be quoted for removing the old finish, sanding, prepping and refinishing your kitchen cabinets.
  • Our Cabinet Refacing Costs Guide includes prices for materials, installation, the possibility for DIY refacing and much more.

Browse all of our Kitchen Remodeling Guides for comprehensive information on the elements you’re considering including countertops, backsplashes, countertops, cabinets and much more. Our goal is to help you research and understand your options, so you’ll make choices you’re happy with now and continue to enjoy in the years ahead.