Conise Guide for Quartz Kitchen Countertop Prices & Costs

There are a range of quartz counter prices for the material. The average cost to install quartz countertops in a kitchen is between $50 to $120 per square foot, with installation costing an additional $15-22 per square foot on top. So for an average kitchen of 50 sq. ft countertop, this would work out at $7,100 at the higher end.

How much do quartz countertops cost? That’s what we’ll answer here. Cost and much more are also covered in our Quartz Countertop Buying Guide.

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Factors Affecting the Price of Quartz Counters

Here is why the products you look at will differ in price:

  • Slab thickness – either 2cm or 3cm
  • A good/better/best product line-up with corresponding basic/moderate/expensive pricing
  • Quartz with richer color and texturing might cost more
  • Discounts for discontinued/clearance quartz
  • The cost of living where you live

The Cost of Removing Old Countertops

If you’re remodeling a kitchen, taking out the old is a job you can do yourself, or it can be included in the total estimate for the countertops.

Countertop removal cost: $1 to $3 per square foot.

See the Quartz Countertop Removal and Installation Guide for what is involved in this phase of the project.

Quartz Countertop Installation Costs

Your labor costs will be $15 to $22 per square foot for most jobs.

The installation cost for quartz countertops is affected by these factors:

  • How intricate the work is – more complex countertops will cost more to install
  • Who does the work – a handyman will charge less, but with this challenging work, you often get the quality of installation you pay for
  • Whether any repairs or updates need to be made to your home’s structure, plumbing or electrical as part of the installation
  • How many estimates you receive, since contractors who know they’re competing for the work will give you their best prices

An Overview of Quartz Countertop Costs

The following table provides a quick overview of Quartz countertop material, installation and removal cost. Costs are shown per square foot.

Table 1: Cost of Quartz Countertops: A Comparison at a Glance

Type of Countertop Material Cost (sq. ft.) Installation Cost (sq. ft.) Removal Cost (sq. ft.) Total Cost (sq. ft.)
Quartz Countertops $50-$120 $15 to $22 $1 to $3 $66 to $145

 How to Save Money on Quartz Countertops

The more of these money-saving tips for quartz you take advantage of, the more you’ll save.

  • Look at discontinued lines to see if there’s any you fall in love with
  • Remove the old countertops and dispose of them yourself
  • Hire your own contractors for each phase of the project instead of relying on a general kitchen remodeling contractor to do so
  • Get written estimates from at least three countertop contractors

Quartz Countertops Pricing FAQ

These questions and answers cover important aspects of quartz countertop prices.

Is saving money by hiring a handyman instead of a countertop expert a good idea?

It’s difficult to know. If the handyman has outstanding experience, then you might be OK. If the installer does a poor job, and you have to hire an experienced countertop installer to fix it, you might end up spending more money.

Why do countertop contractors charge more than handymen?

First, most countertop contractors have many years of experience with countertop installation. This probably includes factory training provided by leading quartz countertop manufacturers. Secondly, most contractors are insured and some are bonded. This means you’ll be protected if something goes wrong on the job. Insurance and bonding are costly and raise prices.

How can I get the best estimates from countertop contractors?

The best way to do this is to get multiple estimates. You can pursue the estimates yourself or you can use a service like the one we offer. There is no cost or obligation for using the service, and you’ll receive several written estimates from local contractors that have been pre-screened for expertise and experience.

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