Guide for Natural Stone Flooring Repair

There are two types of repairs you might need to make: repairs to a single tile or replacement of one or more tiles.

Repairing Natural Stone Tiles

Occasionally, a stone tile will chip or develop a small crack or fissure. These can sometimes be repaired without replacing the tile.

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Locate a natural stone chip repair kit at your hardware or home improvement store, and follow the directions closely. Leading brands include Tenax, LiquiGlass and Stoneweld. You might also need to buy one or more tint colors to tint the repair material to match your flooring. Tenax makes a spectrum of colors.

Typically, a small amount of the epoxy material is poured onto a plate or other non-porous surface. A ceramic tile is excellent for the work. The epoxy is then tinted to match the stone. This might take trial and error.

The material is applied into the chip or crack with a flat stick like a crafting stick, and smoothed to be flush with the floor. Many products are two-part repair kits with epoxy filler and a hardener. A razor can be used to remove excess material from the surrounding stone before it hardens.

A tile that is cracked in half can be glued back together with one of these products or Allstone Instant Install 29 Minute Epoxy. If the crack disappears, that’s great. If not, you’ll have to replace the entire tile.

Replacing a Natural Stone Tile

When the damage is severe, one or more tiles will need to be removed and replaced. Hopefully, you’ve got an “attic stock” of tiles left over from the job.

Remove the grout and tiles very carefully with a hammer, chisel and pry bar.

Clean the thinset from the subfloor with the same tools. Vacuum away any dust.

Apply fresh thinset, and set the tile or tiles. Seal the tiles with penetrating sealer. When it has cured, mix and install grout between the tiles.

For more complete instructions, refer to our Natural Stone Flooring Removal and Installation Guide.

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