10 Beautiful Narrow Kitchen Islands Ideas in Pictures for 2016

Making the most of the space in your home is so important and no where is as important as in the kitchen.

Kitchen Islands are perfect for adding that “top of the range” look to your kitchen, they’re also great for providing a little extra worktop area, storage space or even a place to house your built in oven or kitchen sink. But there are two main problems which people will often face and those are; firstly, fitting in the traditional kitchen island due to a lack of floor space and their usually large size and secondly, the cost of a large kitchen island can add up to well over $2,000 by the time it’s fully installed (see our guide to kitchen island prices). So what’s the solution?

Narrow kitchen islands are a great choice for those with limited space or a limited budget. A narrow kitchen island, as you’ll see from the collection below, can still provide a solution which is practical, pleasing to the eye and doesn’t break the bank.

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5 Contemporary Kitchen Design Ideas for 2016 You’ll Love!

We all know that the kitchen is classed as the center of the home, it’s that place where all people congregate during a party or family get together, what’s more it’s a room that people want to be proud of. ¬†Any kitchen design should provide practicality combined with beauty, and that’s just what the 5 contemporary kitchen ideas below show.

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