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A well-planned kitchen island provides practical benefits while enhancing the room’s beauty. Both the form and function of the island are important considerations in its design. Interior designers are in nearly unanimous agreement that adding an island to your kitchen design provides the best return on investment in practical terms and in the value of your home.

What elements do you want in your kitchen island design?

  • A food prep area
  • An extra sink and faucet
  • A cooktop or built-in oven
  • Electrical outlets
  • Wheels to relocate the island
  • Cabinetry and/or shelving
  • A recessed, removable cutting board
  • A second-tier breakfast counter with stools
  • A built in tabletop and seating
  • Space for a beverage cooler or dishwasher

These are just a few of the many functional options you have. Of course, the space available and the kitchen layout will influence the design you choose.

Our kitchen island guides are designed to assist you in the planning process, so that the island you select will enhance your enjoyment of the kitchen, a room that is the hub of activity and interaction in many households.

You’ll find a wealth of useful information in our kitchen island guides:

The Kitchen Island Buying Guide explores the range of purposes that islands serve, what types of islands are available, design considerations and FAQ.

The Kitchen Island Guide for Removal and Installation includes DIY tips on these important topics along with useful information to assist you in discussing your requirements with a kitchen remodeling contractor.

The Kitchen Island Price Guide provides pricing for islands in several categories:

  • Basic: No plumbing
  • Intermediate: Some enhancements for increased utility
  • Advanced: Full-featured islands
buying guideinstall and removalprice guide

Our Kitchen Remodeling Cost page gives price ranges for islands, countertops, flooring, cabinets and other kitchen elements. The information assists you in budgeting and allocating funds for the various components of your kitchen design.

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  • Intriguing kitchen layouts. Love the bench built into the island - the longest, best talks always happen in the kitchen, so why not have a comfortable spot?!
  • Grey cupboards, marble benchtop, belfast sink, curvy tap, glass doors with highlights... want want need!
  • Saw this beauty in IKEA today- it's definitely making an appearance in our house!
  • The sanded back beams allow for a light and bright styling in the kitchen-come-dining the clock too
  • Wraparound wood on outside of kitchen island (peninsula in this house) Pair with concrete or white zodiac corian counters.
  • Harvey Jones Shaker kitchen with curved cupboards, painted in Little Green Paint Company 'French Grey' and 'Dark Lead'.
  • I like the idea of doing a shelf under the island on one side (not viewed from den) to put cookbooks, etc., but still have cabinets underneath for pots, pans, etc.
  • The 11 Best Kitchen Island Design Ideas for your home
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