Guide to Kitchen Island Prices & Costs

How much do kitchen islands cost? The price you’ll pay depends on a number of cost factors, these include:

  • The size of the island
  • The quality of the materials used
  • The number of extra features included

The short answer is that kitchen island price ranges from less than $200 for a movable cart to more than $10,000 for a full-featured, large island. A quick overview of kitchen island costs have been shown in the table below, or you can see more costing details further down this page.

Kitchen Island Cost & Installation Prices
Low Cost Estimate Average Cost Estimate High Cost Estimate
Expect to Pay $130-$500 $500 – $2000 $2500 – $3000
Kitchen Island Type Movable / Portable Fixed Fixed
Built in Seating N N/Y Y
Countertop Type Wood / Laminate Wood / Laminate / Tile Granite / Quartz
Breakfast Bar N Y No
Electric / Plumbing Supply N N/Y Y
Gas Supply N N Y
Pro or DIY DIY Professional Professional
Additional Appliances No At and Additional Cost At and Additional Cost

Kitchen Island Estimates

Let’s break all this down, so you can form an idea of kitchen island cost estimates for your remodeling project.

Movable Kitchen Cart or Island

A kitchen island cart on wheels is an ideal choice for small kitchens or when you’ve got a tight remodeling budget. Lightweight islands without wheels that can be easily moved make sense too. These options usually require assembly, and they start at less than $200. Both pre-finished products and those you finish yourself are available. Here’s what you can expect to get for the price you pay:

Movable Kitchen Island Cost
Low Cost Estimate Average Cost Estimate High Cost Estimate
Expect to Pay $130 – $250 $225 – $550 $500 +


  • Small size
  • Metal, wood or wood veneer over particle board
  • Open shelving or one cabinet
  • Inexpensive solid wood, butcher block, metal or laminate top
  • May include a drawer or two, wheels, towel rack, spice rack


  • Small or medium size
  • Metal or wood construction
  • One or two cabinets of basic to good quality
  • May include open shelving on end,
  • Good solid wood, butcher block, stainless steel, laminate, natural stone or other top
  • May include a few drawers, wheels, towel bar, spice rack

$500 and up

  • Medium to medium large
  • Wood construction
  • Several cabinets of good quality
  • Very good quality countertop made from solid wood, butcher block wood, stainless steel, laminate, solid surface, natural stone, tile, etc.
  • Features may include drawers, removable cutting board, towel bars, spice racks, knife block, breakfast bar, upper cabinetry (for models that sit against the wall)

Kitchen Island Estimates

Built-in Kitchen Islands

Most kitchen islands are formed with the same cabinetry used in the rest of the kitchen. See the Cabinet Replacement Cost Guide as a good place to start exploring options and pricing for your kitchen cabinets. Built-in or fixed kitchen islands cost significantly more than movable / cart kitchen islands, and overall can run into the thousands if you opt for luxurious extras such as a breakfast bar, seating or build in appliances. The cost of fixed kitchen islands is shown below, with some examples of what a low-end, medium quality and high-end kitchen island would look like:

Built-in / Fixed Kitchen Island Cost
Low Cost Estimate Average Cost Estimate High Cost Estimate
Expect to Pay $500 – $1500 $1500 – $2500 $2500+

Island countertops are often the same as used in the remainder of the kitchen, and our Countertop Price Guides for various materials provide pricing by the square foot.

However, there are nearly unlimited design options with custom islands, and the pricing will go up accordingly. Here is an overview of the kitchen island costs you’re likely to see from kitchen remodeling contractors.

Built-in Islands with Electricity but No Plumbing

These islands typically cost $500 to $2,000, but can cost more with additional features included. See below for details.

Electrical power is almost always included with built-in kitchen islands. There are typically outlets on two sides

Built-in Islands with Electrical and Plumbing

Islands with water are often larger than those without because they include sink space, either a small prep/bar sink or full-size sink. The plumbing, with the water lines and drain, and the sink/faucet combination raise the cost.  Price is typically $1,750 to $3,500, but they can cost a lot more depending on the extra features.

Built-in Islands with Electrical, Power and Gas

These islands cost more due to the installation of the gas line and the price of the equipment the gas feeds such as an oven, cooktop or both. You might also need a vent hood. Your cost for an island with all the bells and whistles starts at about $3,000 with no vent hood and goes up from there depending on the additional features included in the design.

Island Features and Their Costs

Remember the three basics for determining your kitchen island cost:

  • The size of the island
  • The quality of the materials
  • The number of extra features

Now, here is an a la carte menu of options that includes average features costs in addition to those we’ve mentioned above for kitchen islands in various categories. You can always find high-end options that cost more, too.

  • Custom cabinetry and countertop: 50% to 100% costlier than stock cabinets and countertops
  • Built-in breakfast bar or table top: $500-$1,500
  • Built-in bench seating: $500-$1,500
  • 4 stools or chairs: $300-$800
  • Vent hood with installation: $1,500-$3,000
  • Overhead lighting with installation: $250-$1,250
  • Appliances such as beverage cooler, cook top or oven: $200-$3,500 per item

The wide range of prices is based on the quality of the material or equipment you choose. For example, consider GE wall ovens:

  • Good: Several models in the $350-$1,000 range
  • Better: Many models in the $1,000-$2,500 range
  • Best: Several models that cost more than $2,500

As a reminder, see our countertop and cabinetry guides for more specific pricing in the materials you’re considering for your kitchen island project.

Kitchen Island Estimates

Factors Affecting the Cost of a Kitchen Island

There are several factors which are likely to affect the final price of a kitchen island, these include:

  • Size of the Island – Small islands will cost anywhere between $250 – $500 for a simple portable island that you buy off the shelf. However, even large portable islands can run into the thousands if they’re large enough
  • Movable or Fixed – Typically, a movable kitchen island will be cheaper than a fixed island, this is usually due to the fact that a fixed island is a) larger b) has more features and c) is custom rather than “off the shelf”. Movable islands typically cost $250 – $500, whereas a fixed kitchen island will cost $1500 – $2500 on average
  • Countertop Material Choosing a kitchen countertop can be hard, the cost of the material will be one of the biggest factors likely to influence your choice. The cost of kitchen countertops range between $16 – $39 per sq. ft. for cheaper options like laminate, but can go as high as $120 per sq. ft. for marble and quartz
  • Optional Extras – The optional extras you choose will usually be influenced by what you intent to use the kitchen island for. If it’s for food prep only then usually you will be able to keep costs down, however if you start adding appliances, seating and sinks into the mix then prices start to rapidly increase.

How to Save Money on You Kitchen Island

These tips will reduce your costs considerably.

  • Consider discontinued materials: Product lines change frequently, and you might find clearance countertops, cabinets, bar stools, etc. that will be a fantastic fit for your kitchen design.
  • Hire the contractor yourself: Using an interior decorator or a general contractor to coordinate all the subcontractors means that you’ll pay them a surcharge for this service, often as high as 25%. Do the hiring yourself which gives you a chance to personally interview the people that will be doing this important work in your home.
  • Get multiple estimates for the work: When contractors know that they have to give competitive bids to be considered, their prices usually come down. Talk with at least three kitchen remodeling companies about installing your kitchen island.

We can help you get the lowest price estimates for any work in your kitchen. Click our partner’s link, and get 3 free estimates from contractors where you live that have been pre-screened. It is quick and convenient, and there is no cost or obligation for using the service.

Kitchen Island Price FAQ

This brief Q&A covers additional important information.

Should I consider DIY kitchen island installation?

It depends on the complexity of the job and the skill level you possess. In terms of complexity, here’s an overview:

  • One or two cabinets plus a countertop: Moderate
  • Several cabinets, a countertop, electric line and outlets: Moderate to difficult
  • Islands with electricity, water lines and drain: Difficult
  • Islands with electricity, water, gas and appliance installation: Very difficult

In short, if you have experience setting and shimming cabinets and installing countertops, then handling those aspects of the job can reduce the cost of the labor.

Beyond the basics, electrical work and plumbing involve using skills typically possessed only by professionals. For safety and performance, the tasks must be done absolutely correctly.

How difficult are kitchen carts and small, movable kitchen islands to assemble?

Most are very easy. Instructions are usually illustrated and clear, and you’ll need just a few tools such as screwdrivers and an adjustable wrench. If you’ve ever assembled something like a desk or book shelf “out of the box”, you should be able to handle this work.

Do I need a permit to build a kitchen island?

If it doesn’t have power or plumbing, then you probably don’t need a permit. If it does, then a permit is required in most areas. However, if permits have already been obtained for other remodeling work, they will cover the work on the island too.

Do kitchen island countertops cost more than regular countertops?

They might cost more per square foot if they are made from continuous material. For example, the wider a slab of natural stone countertop is, the more it will cost per square foot because it is rarer and harder to work with.

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