Kitchen Sink Install, Remodel & Replacement Section

The right kitchen sink must first of all serve your practical needs and secondly fit visually with your kitchen design. Form must follow function, though there’s no reason the form can’t be beautiful.

This page serves as an introduction to our series of kitchen sink guides that will help you select the sink:

  • Type that makes sense for the way you use a sink
  • Of the style and material that enhance the appearance of your kitchen

Which Sink Type is Right for You?

When you consider the best kitchen sink for your purposes, you’ve got choices for style, configuration and how the sink is mounted. Our sink guides cover all of these decisions.

Sink styles:

  • Apron kitchen sinks range in style from contemporary to rustic depending on the material used. These large sinks create visual interest since the front of the sink bowl is visible and blends with the cabinetry.
  • Farmhouse and country kitchen sinks offer large capacity with a casual, somewhat rustic, appearance. They’re a type of apron sink.
  • Corner sinks feature a 90-degree angle in front where the two separate sink basins connect. They’re typically used where kitchen space or shape lends itself to a sink in the corner.

Sink configuration:

  • Single kitchen sinks are a good fit for those who need lots of sink space to wash large items, rinse whole chickens or bathe the baby.
  • Double kitchen sinks remain very popular since they allow for dirty dishes in one side while the other sink bowl is available for food preparation and general use.
  • Triple kitchen sinks are chosen by those who love to cook, so a sink bowl can be reserved for food prep while dirty dishes are piled in a second bowl and the third is reserved for general purposes. Simply keep in mind that triple sinks have smaller bowls, so doing large pots and pans in them isn’t possible.

Sink mount:

  • Topmount sinks are often called drop-in sinks because they are installed through the countertop from above and have a lip that fits on top of the counter. They remain very popular and are easy to install.
  • Undermount sinks are installed prior to the countertop, and they provide a more integrated appearance. Both topmount and undermount sinks are available in many styles and materials in single, double and triple sink options.

Which Sink Material Do You Prefer?

Most types and styles of sinks are available in a wide range of materials. We’ve created a sink buying guide for each of several materials:

  • Stainless steel sinks: Ideal for those who prefer a combination of good looks and cleanup that is quick and simple
  • Cast iron sinks: A classic choice and one that offers outstanding durability
  • Granite sinks: Popular as a complement to natural stone countertops or when an elegant contrast to solid surface, quartz or other material is preferred
  • Copper sinks: A favorite for homeowners who enjoy the exquisite, Old World beauty of copper and don’t mind exerting some effort to keep it looking great
  • Fireclay sinks: Offering more than just a good looking sink material, fireclay sinks are gorgeous, easy to look after and durable in any home.

Our Kitchen Sink Buying Guide offers a comprehensive look at choosing the best sink for your kitchen remodeling project. Browse all of our kitchen sink guides to the types and materials we’ve listed above. They’re a great way to compare sinks to one another, and each guide includes sink prices too.