Concise Guide to Apron Kitchen Sinks, Farmhouse & Country Style Sinks

If your ideal kitchen sink is one that makes it easy to get big loads clean, then an apron sink is one to consider. Depending on the design, apron sinks might also be described as farmhouse sinks or country style sinks. There is an important distinction in design among these sinks:

  • True farmhouse sinks do not have a separate apron, and for installation, the front of the cabinetry must be cut or a special farmhouse sink base cabinet must be used
  • Some apron sinks have a separate but attached piece of material – the apron – that allows for the sink to be installed over the front of the sink base cabinet without cutting it so that the bowl is inside and the apron is outside the cabinet

Their exterior design, fronted by a fashionable “apron,” attractively integrates with your cabinetry. The generous capacity within the sink accommodates large pots and pans, a bushel of apples or the family beagle after a romp in the mud.

Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Guides

Use our informational guides to learn more about apron, farmhouse and country style sinks. We cover all the essentials.

  • Farmhouse Sink Buying Guide with prices, pros & cons, discussion of style, top apron sink brands and other information that will help you make a decision you’ll be happy with
  • Farmhouse Sink Installation Guide with information about DIY installation, the right cabinet choice and how to choose a kitchen sink installer for your apron, farmhouse or country style sink
  • Farmhouse Sink Price Guide with complete pricing you can use to compare these sinks with other types you’re considering and to save money on the apron sink you select
buying guide install and removal price guide

Apron & Farmhouse Sink Pinterest Page

Find ideas and inspiration on our popular Pinterest page as you design a kitchen that will combine beauty and the practical benefits you want.

  • just love these big, vintage sinks.  if I ever have the old farmhouse I want, I'm putting one in the kitchen!
  • Colour.  Glass cabinets. Butlers sink.
  • Beautiful wooden sink: it doesn't get any better than this if you love rustic farmhouse style!
  • We ended up finding some great butcher block from IKEA which was only $80 for one long slab. We needed three, so we ended up spending about $240 on our counter materials - great deal. We bought food safe stain from the Environmental Supply Store to bring out a nice rich hue in the wood. The product we used was by Safecoat, the color we chose was cedar.
  • keukentje.  Compact kitchen.  Add a hot plate, and done! AWE this is too cute...
  • Grey cupboards, marble benchtop, belfast sink, curvy tap, glass doors with highlights... want want need!
  • Beautiful home in England with lots of beautiful pictures. Victorian villa with elegant English style design wil give you lots of home decor inspirations.
  • Farrow and Ball painted kitchen units, white belfast sink, white walls & floors
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Finding a Farmhouse Sink & Faucet Installer or General Kitchen Remodeler

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