Farmhouse Sink Buying Guide

These distinctive sinks go by several names. Farmhouse sink, farm sink and country style sink are names used to reflect their historical usage. Interior designers most often call them farmhouse sinks. Apron sink and apron-front sink are names derived from their design and appearance. Manufacturers most often use the terms apron sink or apron-front sink.

Apron Kitchen Sinks, Farmhouse & Country Style Sinks

If your kitchen sink is a work station for large projects as well as small, it makes sense to consider a farmhouse sink for your remodeling project.

What is an Apron or Farmhouse Kitchen Sink?

The name comes from the style of the sink. Rather than the bowl being hidden inside a standard sink cabinet, the entire sink rests on top of a cabinet designed for use with an apron, farmhouse or country style sink.

The sink is decoratively designed in front since it is visible. Most apron sinks are vertically flush with the cabinets, though oversize models might jut out several inches. The front of the sink is often referred to as self-trimming or self-rimming design.

The practical value of a farmhouse sink is that it has greater capacity than most standard kitchen sinks. This style is a popular choice for those who wash large pots and pans by hand, would rather have a dishrack in the sink than on the countertop, use the sink for projects that demand more space.

While many farmhouse sinks are made with one large bowl, you’ll also find double bowl and triple bowl apron sinks available from many manufacturers.

Top Farmhouse Sink Brands

The leading apron, farmhouse and country style sink brands include these:

  • Kohler
  • Blanco
  • Native Trails
  • Franke
  • Elkay
  • Schon
  • Kraus
  • Vigo
  • Hahn
  • Schock
  • Thermocast
  • Menards

Advantages and Disadvantages of Farmhouse Sinks

Every sink style has its pluses and minuses. Here are the pros & cons of apron sinks.

Farmhouse sink advantages—Farmhouse sinks:

  • Offer greater capacity than most other styles to accommodate large objects and big loads
  • Are available in several materials including stainless steel, fireclay or porcelain, copper, cast iron and even granite composite
  • Have a rustic look, but are versatile enough for several kitchen styles
  • Are produced in models with standard depth for those who don’t prefer the deep reach of most apron and farmhouse sinks but like the self-trimming design
  • Make it easier for some to work in the sink because there is no countertop between them and the sink edge

Farmhouse sink disadvantages—Farmhouse sinks:

  • Can cause back strain for taller users when it is necessary to reach down into the sink repeatedly while doing dishes
  • Can make it difficult for children and adults of short stature to reach over the front and down into the bottom of the sink
  • Feature a distinct design that isn’t for everyone
  • Might require a custom cabinet depending on whether one is available from the cabinet manufacturer you choose
  • Can’t replace a standard kitchen sink unless the cabinet is replaced or customized

Usage and Style of Farmhouse Sinks

As we’ve noted, the large capacity of apron sinks makes them ideal for big jobs. Washing a roasting pan, soaking oven racks, giving the pooch a bath and washing 10lbs of potatoes are jobs a farmhouse kitchen is suited perfectly for.

Farmhouse sink style is, as the name implies, quite rustic. Depending on the specific material and design, apron sinks can be good fits for Old World, country, French country, traditional and eclectic kitchen styles.

Farmhouse Sink Prices

Apron sink prices tend to be higher than average because of their large size.

  • Starting price of farmhouse sinks: About $225
  • Price range for most farmhouse sinks: $550-$1,200
  • High-end farmhouse sinks: $2,000 and up

The list price of the sink you choose will depend on its size, style and the material it is crafted from. You’ll find the lowest prices when you shop around for deals and discounts. The lowest farmhouse sink prices /apron sink prices are often on models being discontinued to make room for new lines.

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Is a Farmhouse Sink Right for Your Kitchen?

Farmhouse sink style has enthusiastic fans and vocal detractors, so it is important that you like the style of an apron sink. That can be reason enough to select one.

Additionally, if you take a hands-on approach to washing, then you’ll appreciate the capacity of a farmhouse sink. You can tackle large projects in the kitchen sink rather than a utility tub. They’re an excellent choice for large families, people who entertain frequently and for those who wash a large volume of fruit or vegetables or engage in similar tasks.

FAQ for Farmhouse Sinks

This brief apron sink Q&A will help you decide if this sink type is right for your kitchen.

I’m 5’ 2” tall. Will I have trouble using a deep farmhouse sink?

People of both taller stature and shorter stature might find using a farmhouse sink troublesome. You’ll have to reach over the apron top at 36” or slightly higher and then down as far as 12”. For taller people, the depth of the sink is the issue.

I’ve heard that farmhouse sinks splash more than most. Is this true?

Yes, they do splash more, but not dramatically. The two reasons people get splashed is that there is no countertop between them and the sink, so they’re a few inches closer to the action. Secondly, the water falls further to the bottom of a deep farmhouse sink, so it hits with more force. If you have trouble with splashing, turn down the water pressure.

What problems might I have with replacing my standard sink with an apron sink?

It won’t fit with either your countertop or your sink cabinet, so it might not be possible without having a kitchen remodeling expert do some custom work. It’s probably not the best sink style for you unless you’re replacing those items too.

I’m considering a cast iron apron sink, 42” wide. Will it require extra support?

Yes, it will. See our Farmhouse Sink Installation Guide for one proven method of providing support. Your sink installer will also have a plan to install the appropriate type and strength of support.

Do all cabinet makers produce farmhouse sink base cabinets?

Many of the top brands do, but not all cabinet makers have them in their lineup. However, many standard sink basins can be cut to accommodate an apron sink.

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