Sink Buying Guide

This guide includes information to help you select a sink with the practical features suited to how you use the kitchen and visual appeal that will complement your total kitchen design.

In addition to this overview, we’ve created buying guides for the most popular types of sinks and the materials used in their production. The guides include sink prices, pros & cons, FAQs, sink care and maintenance tips and much more.

undermount kitchen sink

We even have Pinterest pages for each that you can enjoy for inspiration and information.

Use our kitchen sink guides to compare types and materials in all the key features as you make your choice of this important kitchen component.

Reasons to Update the Kitchen Sink When Remodeling

If your current kitchen sink is visibly worn, rusty or chipped, replacing it is the obvious answer. But there are other reasons to consider updating the sink when renovating your kitchen.

The sink isn’t the right size: Sinks range in width from 30” to 60” and in depth from 6” to more than 12”. You’ll be much happier with a sink that has the dimensions to suit your kitchen habits.

The sink doesn’t have the right number of bowls: Your options are single, double and triple sinks, and each has its enthusiastic fans.

You want more sink accessories: Sinks are made with one to five cutouts available for a sprayer, soap dispenser, filtered water dispenser and other accessories.

Something different would look better with the countertops: If your kitchen remodel includes countertops, then a new sink that accentuates them will be preferred.

The look needs to be updated to fit your design scheme: Kitchen style ranges from Victorian, retro and traditional through country, Mediterranean and Old World to modern and contemporary. There are many good-looking sinks for all these styles and more.

What to Consider when Choosing your Sink

Let’s get specific about the issues that will affect how you use your sink, and that will help you decide which features the one you choose should have.

How often you cook for large numbers: Unless you have a dishwasher with heavy-duty cleaning capabilities, you’ll probably wash large pots and pans in the sink. The more you use those items, the more it makes sense to have a sink with one bowl or two bowls with one being fairly large.

What accessories you want built in: A sprayer makes it easier to do dishes, but if you have a dishwasher, it might not be necessary. A soap dispenser is more attractive than a bottle of dish detergent, but it can be a hassle to clean. A filtered water faucet may deliver hot or cold filtered water on demand, but filters need to be changed periodically. Every sink accessory has its pros and cons. Kitchen experts give a thumbs-up to sprayers but are less enthusiastic about the rest.

Whether you wash dishes in the sink: If you’re doing dishes by hand, a sink with multiple bowls allows you to wash in one and rinse water in another.

If you plan to use a dish rack in the sink: A model with two or three bowls allows you to use the rack and still have a sink bowl available.

Whether you use a garbage disposal frequently: The best argument for a triple sink is that it allows you to use the disposal when the other bowl or bowls are in use.

As you read our sink guides, we’ll raise and discuss additional factors to consider for each type and style of sink. Let’s take a look at your choices.

Your Sink Type Choices

We’ve created guides for each of these sink types, so browse them for a wealth of information that will help you make a decision you’ll be very happy with.

There are many types of sinks for you to consider. Stylistically, they include:

The configuration of the sink should suit your needs:

  • Single bowl sinks are versatile and especially good for washing large items
  • Double sinks allow you to multitask easily
  • Triple sinks are a good choice if cooking is a hobby you spend a lot of time pursuing

How your sink is mounted is all about appearance:

  • Topmount or drop-in sinks are easy to install and replace
  • Undermount sinks offer a more integrated look, and brushing crumbs from the countertop into the sink isn’t hindered by a sink rim

Your Sink Material Choices

Today’s options include materials old and new:

  • Stainless steel: A versatile sink material that is easy to clean
  • Cast iron: A traditional choice making a comeback with its heavy-duty durability and handsome good looks
  • Granite: Providing the earthy yet elegant presence of natural stone
  • Copper: A fantastic way to add interest and sparkling beauty to the kitchen
  • Porcelain: Delivering gleam that resists stains with panache
  • Composite: A next-generation material that delivers the attraction of granite with the easy care of acrylic

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