A Concise Guide to Copper Kitchen Sinks

A copper sink is a thing of beauty, a handcrafted creation that adds distinction to any kitchen. You’ve got two equally appealing options for copper sink care. The first is to allow it to acquire a natural patina over time that gives it character and interest. Only basic maintenance is required, if that is your choice. The second option is to use copper cleaner on the metal to maintain the shiny glow of a new sink.

These options are explored in the Copper Sink Maintenance and Care guide, and you can see examples on our Copper Sink Pinterest page.

Copper Kitchen Sink Guides

Our goal is to be the only source you need for researching copper kitchen sinks. To that end, we’ve created a comprehensive set of guides, just as we have for stainless steel, porcelain, granite composite and other materials.

buying guide maintenance and carte price guide

Copper Sink Pinterest Page

Our very popular Pinterest pages offer ideas and inspiration for all the sink materials and types includes in our guides. The copper sink page will give you a good idea of how a copper sink would look in your kitchen design.

  • Beautiful hammered copper sink
  • Love the idea of a (removable) cutting board nestled in the sink. Clean up would be SO much easier! Bowen Pippin
  • By using reclaimed wood on your countertops, you get a countertop that provides stunning beauty to your kitchen. You also conserve the environment by preventing the wood from going into the waste stream.
  • Who says you can't mix woods? This cozy, masculine kitchen goes all-in with both maple and walnut cabinetry and a deep, oak-front farmhouse sink. French doors provide just enough light to show off the room's varied textures –
  • 42" Sunflower 60/40 Offset Double-Bowl Copper Farmhouse Sink
  • Alveus Variant 40 kitchen sink, stainless steel in COPPER finish, and Alveus Slim kitchen mixer tap, chrome in COPPER finish. #coppersink
  • Farmhouse Sink- This eight has a great selection and the prices are listed.
  • Love the Copper Sink with farmhouse faucet, and rustic iron pulls for cabinets!  use with custom concrete countertops though so can pick color/style #cultivateit
  • A unique range of Alveus kitchen sinks available in Copper, Anthracite and Gold
  • deVOL's Shaker Kitchen, ‘Pantry Blue’ with Carrara marble worktop and undermounted copper sink
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Finding a Copper Sink Installer or General Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

How big is your project? Whether you’re just replacing the sink or tearing out the entire old kitchen to replace it with something awesome, we can help you find the right people to do the job.

When you select the Free Estimates option and fill out a brief form, you’ll receive written estimates for the work from some of the top kitchen contractors where you live. They know they’re competing for the work, so it’s a great way to find the right combination of low prices and reliable experience. The service is free, and there is no obligation for using it.