Double Kitchen Sink Price Guide

How much does a kitchen double sink cost? The price range is vast starting with basic models that are affordable and rising to expensive luxury sinks. Double sink price is determined by the quality, size, material and style of the sink.

This double sink cost guide includes prices by sink material with a short list of factors that affect the price.

kitchen price guide

Stainless steel double kitchen sink prices:

  • Average cost: $200-$550
  • Low cost: $65
  • High cost: $1,250 to more than $4,000
  • Factors affecting cost: Gauge of the material (the lower the number, the thicker the material), accessories, finish

Composite granite double kitchen sink prices:

  • Average cost: $300-$550
  • Low cost: $225
  • High cost: More than $1,000
  • Factors affecting cost: Composite quality, apron design, finish, sink configuration, accessories

Porcelain or ceramic double kitchen sink prices:

  • Average cost: $750-$1,200
  • Low cost: $550
  • High cost: More than $3,000
  • Factors affecting cost: Quality of the glaze, sink configuration, accessories

Cast iron double kitchen sink prices:

  • Average cost: $800-$1,350
  • Low cost: $700
  • High cost: More than $2,000
  • Factors affecting cost: Quality of the enamel coating, sink configuration, accessories

Copper double kitchen sink prices:

  • Average cost: $1,000-2,000
  • Low cost: $800
  • High cost: $4,000-$6,000
  • Factors affecting cost: Gauge of the copper, metalwork design features, finish, sink configuration, accessories

Other Costs Associated with Double Kitchen Sinks

The above prices are for the sink only. Let’s look at prices for removing an old sink, installing the new one and repairing a sink.

  • Cost of removing an old double kitchen sink: $40-100 when part of an itemized estimate for kitchen remodeling. If you call a contractor for just this task, the estimate might include a service fee of $100 or more.
  • Cost of installing a double sink: $100-$400 depending on what is included beyond the sink and two drains, such as a disposal, tankless water heater or dishwasher lines
  • Cost of repairing a double sink: $75-$400 ranging from repairs of minor scratches and dents to reglazing a cast iron or steel sink

Saving Money on your Double Sink and Installation

Shopping smart can produce savings up to 40% when you use these tips:

  • Compare prices in local stores and from online sellers
  • See what’s on clearance where you might find a beautiful double sink that will meet your practical purposes too
  • Select a good-quality stainless steel sink for the best value compared to cost
  • If you prefer a different material, choose a basic model with few features

Here are a few tips for cutting the cost of sink removal and installation

  • Do the work yourself, or get an experienced friend to help
  • Do some of the work yourself, and leave the more challenging parts to a professional
  • Get estimates from several kitchen installers in your area

The last point about multiple estimates is the key whether you’re just replacing the sink or want the entire kitchen remodeled. We can help you find the lowest prices from qualified contractors where you live with a simple, free service with no obligation.

Fill out the convenient form by answering a few questions about the work you want done, and you’ll receive written estimates from contractors competing for the work.

Double Kitchen Sink Price FAQ

This brief Q&A covers additional important issues.

Why are some high-end sinks so expensive? Are they worth that much extra?

Most luxury sinks are crafted with tremendous quality, but that doesn’t mean that a $4,000 sink is four times better than a $1,000 model. In the upper end of the spectrum, you’re paying a premium price for style, craftsmanship and material.

Should I buy a used kitchen sink?

You might find some in good condition on eBay, often cast iron models. Find out all you can about it first, and make sure the seller has a good return policy if the sink turns out not to be as advertised.

How much do garbage disposals and tankless water heaters cost?

To ensure you get a quality model with good durability, expect to pay at least $100 for the disposal and $115 for an electric water heater designed for one point of use. Look at your dishwasher’s manual or online to find out how much hot water it needs per minute during filling, and choose a model that can supply at least that amount plus you might want to use for handwashing or other chores.

We’ll be moving in three years. How much should I spend on a stainless steel sink to ensure it will continue to look good through the sale of our home?

Stainless steel is easy to care for and maintains its good looks very well. Select a 16-gauge or 18-gauge steel sink for best results. The higher the gauge is, the thinner the metal is, and the more prone to denting it will be. To get a good-quality, but not top-quality stainless steel sink, expect to pay $150-$225. Care for it as directed by the manufacturer, and it should still look “like new” in three years. For more details on keeping your sink looking great, see our Stainless Steel Sink Care and Maintenance Guide.

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