Single Sink Buying Guide

Single sinks continue to be the choice of homeowners who want a lot of sink space and the option to use it in ways that suit their style in the kitchen without the hindrance of one or two dividers.

What is a Single Sink & When is it Used?

A kitchen single sink has one bowl or compartment ranging in size from about 15 inches wide to 34 inches wide. There are several styles such as corner sinks, farmhouse or apron sinks, drop-in or topmount sinks and undermount sinks.

single kitchen sink

Small to medium-sized single sinks are a good choice where countertop space is in short supply and needed for food preparation. Large single sinks are useful when you frequently wash large pans and baking sheets. They offer the space needed to lay the item down flat to soak or wash.

Multi-tasking is possible in a single large sink. For example, a dishpan can be placed in one side of the sink and filled with wash water while dishes are rinsed under the faucet or in a second pan. A drying rack or colander can be placed in one side while light tasks that don’t cause much splashing are completed too. If you want to handle more than one task at once in your single kitchen sink, your best option is to select a larger model.

Top Single Kitchen Sink Brands

Every major brand makes single sinks. These are the top-rated brands available.

  • Kohler
  • Blanco
  • Franke
  • Moen
  • Elkay
  • Hahn
  • Kraus
  • Schon
  • Vigo
  • Dax
  • Ticor
  • Schock
  • Thermocast
  • Menards

Advantages and Disadvantages of Kitchen Single Sinks

Does a single-bowl kitchen sink make the most sense for how you plan to use your sink, or would a double-bowl or triple-bowl sink be better suited to your needs? These single bowl sink pros & cons can be compared to those we’ve included in the double and triple bowl sink buying guides.

Single bowl kitchen sink advantages—Single sinks:

  • Provide flexible room for tasks involving large objects such as rinsing a 20lb turkey or washing an 18” roasting pan or for two smaller tasks such as drying dishes and washing fruit
  • Can be used similarly to double sinks with the inclusion of a dishrack, dishpan or other accessory
  • Are available in a wider range of styles and designs than triple bowl sinks and about as many as double-bowl sinks
  • Come in many sizes, so you’ll find one to fit the space you have allotted for the sink
  • Cost the least to install because there is only one drain

Single bowl kitchen sink disadvantages – Single sinks:

  • May not be large enough for multiple tasks if they’re not 20” or more
  • Have no divider, obviously, so fruit or vegetables in a colander on one side might be splashed if you’re washing dishes in the other

Single Kitchen Sink Style

You’ll find a wonderful range of styles from which to choose, from large farmhouse or apron sinks to sleek European designs. Single sinks are available in stainless steel, copper, composite, fireclay, cast iron and other materials. Your challenge will be deciding between numerous single kitchen sinks you really like!

Single Kitchen Sink Prices

This overview will help you budget for your kitchen sink. The range takes into account the quality, style and materials available.  See our Kitchen Single Sink Price Guide for even more detail about kitchen sink costs.

  • Starting price of single bowl kitchen sinks: About $55
  • Price range for most single kitchen sinks: $140-$750
  • High-end single kitchen sinks: $3,500-$5,000

Is a Single Sink Right for Your Kitchen?

If your kitchen is fairly small or countertop space is limited, a single bowl sink under 30” will look proportionate to the overall design.

Where space is available, a larger single sink is an ideal choice for those who want the room required for washing larger pots, pans and baking sheets. This is typically what it comes down to for those who have had a double bowl sink and don’t like it – the sink bowls are too small for big tasks.

If you want a double-bowl sink because that divider is handy for retaining water in one side or preventing splashing, but you wash big items too, consider a large 70/30 double bowl sink. They include one fairly large bowl (70% of the total space) for large tasks and a smaller bowl for everything else.

Single Kitchen Sink FAQ

This single sink Q&A covers other important topics.

How many accessory holes do single bowl sinks have?

It varies with each model, but most have one or two holes for accessories. A few have three or more holes. This is the same for most double and triple sinks.

What accessories are most often used with single sinks?

Sprayers are the top choice. Many people add a filtered water tap too. Soap dispensers keep dish detergent bottles off the countertop, but filling them can become tedious.

What size sink cabinet will I need?

Sink cabinets are typically made in 32”, 36”, 42”, 48” and 60” models, so you’ll need the smallest one that will accommodate the sink you choose.

How should I clean my sink?

It depends on the material it’s made from, but most manufacturers recommend mild detergents used with soft cloths. See our guides to sinks made from stainless steel, copper and other materials for specific care and maintenance information.

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