Triple Kitchen Sink Buying Guide

When your kitchen sink is a busy work station, a triple sink gives you excellent functionality while reducing the time it takes you to get work done. However, the three-bowl design is not without its drawbacks. Pros and cons of triple sinks are just one of the ways we look at these sinks in this kitchen sink buyer’s guide.

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What is a Triple Sink & When is it Used?

As the name implies, triple sinks have three bowls, and so they are often called triple bowl sinks or three bowl sinks. The way the sink bowls are configured varies, but the most common design includes:

  • Two medium-sized bowls on either side with a smaller bowl in the middle
  • A shallower middle bowl that is connected to the garbage disposal and can be used for hand washing too
  • The middle bowl having less depth front to back than the side bowls, with the faucet located directly behind it
  • Accessory holes on either side of the faucet, typically with two to the right and one to the left
  • A dishrack to fit one of the side bowls

While these are the most common features, they are not universal. Triple sink design is quite diverse.

Triple sinks are the right choice for those who like to make quick work of kitchen duties by multitasking such chores as fruit and vegetable washing, food preparation, dish washing, air-drying dishes, clearing the table and sending scraps to the garbage disposal.

Top Triple Kitchen Sink Brands

These sink producers all make triple bowl options.

  • Blanco
  • Franke
  • Rachiele
  • Elkay
  • Ticor
  • Vigo
  • Menards

Advantages and Disadvantages of Triple Kitchen Sinks

Consider these pros and cons of triple sinks in light of how you plan to use your kitchen sink.

Triple kitchen sink advantages – Triple sinks:

  • Allow you to have a dishrack in one bowl of the sink yet where it won’t interfere with other work and where clean dishes won’t get dirty or splashed
  • Provide a sink dedicated to food disposal and handwashing that works for draining a colander too
  • Give you space to soak dirty dishes while you use the other large bowl for food preparation and other tasks
  • Can accommodate dirty dishes in one of the large bowls and rinse water in the other
  • Are made in styles wide enough to allow the side sink bowls to have good capacity

Triple kitchen sink disadvantages – Triple sinks:

  • Might not have a bowl large enough for the largest pans, depending on the overall width of the sink
  • Feature bowls that are very small when the total width of the sink isn’t great
  • Aren’t available in as many styles and materials as double and single kitchen sinks
  • Are slightly more expensive than single and double sinks in the same lines

Triple Kitchen Sinks Style

Three-bowl sinks are produced in a pretty good range of styles, though not as broad as single or double sinks. If you’re sold on a triple sink, you should find a very suitable choice for your kitchen scheme ranging from traditional, Old World or Victorian thru retro to contemporary, European and modern.

Triple Kitchen Sink Prices

Regardless of your kitchen remodeling budget, you’ll be able to find a good-quality, attractive sink. This is an overview of triple sink prices. A more detailed overview is available in our Kitchen Triple Sink Price Guide.

  • Starting price of triple bowl kitchen sinks: About $185
  • Price range for most triple kitchen sinks: $425-$1,000
  • High-end triple kitchen sinks: $4,700-$6,500

Is a Triple Sink Right for Your Kitchen?

Let’s rule out a triple sink, if possible, right away. If you frequently wash your biggest kitchen pans, the dog or other large items in the kitchen sink, then a triple kitchen sink probably won’t give you the capacity that you desire in any of its bowls.

In their favor, if you like to complete your kitchen work quickly and head off to activities you consider more important, then a triple bowl kitchen sink is a good option. Use one side of the sink for long-term jobs like soaking baking pans or drying the dishes while using the other side bowl for general purposes. The center bowl can be dedicated to getting rid of food scraps and light tasks like washing your hands, draining a colander or rinsing flatware.

Triple Kitchen Sink FAQ

This triple sink Q&A covers the most common questions we get asked about three-bowl sinks.

Do triple sinks cost more than double sinks?

When all else is equal – material, style, quality – three-bowl sinks cost 5% to 15% more than double or single sinks.

Does installation cost more for a triple sink?

There are three drains to hook up instead of one or two, but the price for parts and labor is usually only slightly higher.

What are the best accessories for triple sinks?

A sprayer is the top accessory for any sink. A filtered water tap is another popular option.

How big of a pan or pot can be washed in a triple sink?

Stood on end, a 9×13 baking pan or sheet can be washed. Some three bowl sinks will handle a stock pot, and most are large enough for a 3-quart pot. Keep in mind that the largest triple sinks have bowls as large as those in standard double sinks.

Are people with three bowl sinks happy with their purchase?

Those who researched the pros and cons of triple sinks ahead of time and chose one are generally pleased with the organization and functionality of the sink.

A friend has a triple sink with a very shallow center bowl with a drain connected to the disposal. It’s useless for anything other than scraping food scraps into. Are all triple sinks like that?

No. While we don’t know what sink your friend has, we do know that Kohler made a three bowl sink with a very shallow (useless?) middle bowl that was widely criticized. A few other models make that same design error. Most three-bowl sinks have a center bowl that is shallower than and not as large as the other two, but in most cases, the middle bowl is usable for small tasks.

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